Rainy morning on the farm

A lazy, rainy day on the farm … now that never happens. 😂 Although our 4 legged child did have a lazy day today while mom was working to get the tunnels cleaned up. Also got some tunnels ready for fall planting, with more canning in the afternoon. Everyone is looking for tomatoes, and we anticipate on having them again, but mother nature is in charge. Currently we have green tomatoes hanging on healthy plants that are slow in the ripening process. We are all awaiting their abundant return. In the meantime stop in for cucumbers, corn, watermelon, okra, and green beans.
Are you ready for Fall? Walk into Goods and you might catch a feeling of that brisk autumn breeze (stand in front of the air conditioner) that so many of us love about the Fall. The only thing Goods is missing is the smell of hot cider and cinnamon. Close your eyes and maybe you can smell that too.
Hope everyone had a Happy Hump Day.

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