A gorgeous Thursday

What an absolutely beautiful day. The temperature was perfect and the air had that hint of fall arriving. Okra and beans are in the Farm stand along with other fresh produce offerings. Summer produce is winding down as we are headed into fall. Acorn and butternut squash transplants are now in the gardens for a winter harvesting. I can’t believe I just put “winter” in a produce post. 😲 We are going to test growing some winter tomatoes this fall. Wish us luck. If we can do it maybe tomato season will start sooner and last longer for Holly Hill. 😁🍅
Goods had a few visitors today who loved the fall offerings and unique décor items. The last summer raffle is underway and we are accepting your entries until the drawing next Saturday. Stop on in, browse the selection, and remember to sign up.
Have a fantastic evening, we hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy the weather.

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