Your HHFG update for Friday

We hope everyone has had a great week and was able to enjoy the fall feeling weather today. The current produce update. Friday is the last day for the green and yellow beans. Okra, tomatoes, and peppers are still available at this time. Cucumbers are nearing their 2022 finally. Most of the fall produce has been planted. Broccoli, cauliflower, red cabbage, onions, collards, and carrots are now in the ground, while lettuce and spinach are in the seed trays. In several weeks turnips, beets, and radishes will be planted. We are trying our luck by planting yellow squash and zucchini today to see if we can make a ‘fall’ offering. Meanwhile the winter tomatoes are growing too as another test. Stay tuned as this could get interesting…
Goods has some new décor that arrived today. Seasonal decorative door boards were hand painted to accent the tree trunks they were cut from for a unique twist. We also have splatter painted terracotta pots for fall plantings at 50% off. Swing into Goods for a fall flavor only available here at Holly Hill.
That’s all folks! See ya’ soon! HHFG

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