An exciting wake up call!

Today was interesting for us. Normally we do not share much of our everyday happenings at the farm, but today we woke to a surprising text from a neighbor at 8AM that there was a fire in the ditch near the main driveway. Thankfully, it did not progress into a larger event and was able to be extinguished with 10 gallons of water. A later review of the cameras showed that it started at 5AM and was a piece of plastic on fire that fell off of a passing car. Not certain on the final outcome of the vehicle. This definitely made for an exciting start of the day.
On another note, produce continues for Thursday, and Goods has a few new items available. As a reminder this Friday we will open Goods at 12 noon instead of the usual 9am. The Farm stand will open at 9 with normal hours. Hoping your day was not as exciting as our morning. 🙂

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