Introducing our newest addition…

Zoe, our newest family member and farm dog. She is a 5 month old black mouth cur who joined our family after the double rainbow on Saturday. We think Bailey had a plan all along. 😉 If you see her at the gate she is a sweet girl in puppy training. She has had many “firsts” over the last 3 days, is very intelligent and is picking up farm life quickly.
In produce news, stock up on your tomatoes, and peppers prior to the cold weather that is upon us this weekend. Stop into the Farm stand and grab your fresh produce and farm goodies. Gift baskets and potted plants available, along with the farm staples.
In Goods news, the fall sale is underway to make more room for Christmas which has arrived. Stop in to browse the selection this week, and remember to sign up for the last fall raffle of the 2022 season that will be drawn the Saturday before Thanksgiving day.

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