Only 5 days left of HHFG for 2022!

The last 5 days open for the 2022 year has arrived at Holly Hill. It seems like each year only goes faster than the previous one. Another crop harvesting for today and you will find turnips, beets, greens, spinach, lettuce mix, cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli available. The selection was slightly decreased as our new pup Zoe decided she wanted a vegetable snack of a broccoli head (sorry missed that photo op). Monday is the final day for the festive Christmas cookies. Gift baskets, elderberry syrup, coffee, farm made goods, honey, and potted plants are also ready for the picking in the Farm stand.
We want to congratulate Kelly Hendricks as our final raffle winner of 2022. Kelly you have an email from us. Goods will be open Tuesday through Friday this week as we finish out the season. Hope to see you and hoping ya’ll have a great week!

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