A Holly Hill winter update

Spring is rapidly approaching and we are slowly getting ready for opening day. We get asked quite a bit if we actually take time off in winter when Holly Hill is closed. Well our time off goes a little like this. The deteriorated log cabin is gone to make room for the new strawberry patch. A new melon garden made, soil samples taken from all planting areas and sent off for analysis, and gardens were tilled for winter. That’s just the start. Seeds were started just after Christmas for tomatoes, squash and cucumbers. The remaining tunnel seeds are now started and growing well on the grow racks. Produce and Goods both received a deep cleaning and updated paint. Holly Hill’s windmill is in the process of repair and paint. When the weather warms up before we open, both buildings will be pressure washed and painted/stained. This is just a handful of winter projects on the never ending list. So that’s our “downtime”. We will update the website with opening day as we get closer. Enjoy the remainder of winter and see you in a month or so!

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