Can we get it all finished in time?

We cannot believe how fast this winter has flown by, and how much more we need to accomplish prior to opening. A few days of spring like weather assisted, but here we are back to winter with a 28 degree low predicted for tonight. Preparations for the upcoming cold snap are underway. All of the tender plants are already covered, irrigation is drained, heat lamps are on in the well house to keep it from freezing, and our wood stove is fired up and heating the house. Lisa got some amendments into the gardens yesterday prior to the rain and after a thorough check this morning looks like only minimal erosion occurred. Fruit trees are budding, the seedlings are rapidly growing, tunnels are 75% prepped and ready for planting, and a load of gravel for the drive was delivered today. The gravel passed Zoe’s inspection and tractor man Jason, gets the job of spreading that this afternoon. The big push is upon us as we finish out our last “month off”. Opening day is fast approaching, details of exact date coming soon. Thank you for your patience as we prepare for opening day 2023. We can’t wait to see everyone again!

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