Mark your calendars!

The official grand opening for 2023 is set for March 24th. That’s only 1 month away!! We will be updating our website, Facebook, and Instagram with the 2023 hours of operation along with any new happenings here at Holly Hill.
Dry weather was upon us this week and we stayed busy. We are getting closer to the seedlings being planted in their final homes as all 5 tunnels received their final tilling. Just look at that healthy, composted soil that will grow many non-GMO veggies this year. Landscape fabric was installed and drip irrigation was checked for leaks today. Both Farm & Goods received new HVAC units as both unfortunately failed within a month with Goods receiving a larger unit allowing for a more comfortable shopping experience. Goods will be revamped with the 2023 goodies so expect a sneak peak coming soon. My loving all around handy man started the windmill repair and painting project after the storms took the head off like the Wizard of Oz so it should be back up in no time!
Send up a small prayer for no further freezing weather as the peach and plum trees are in bloom. If mother nature cooperates we hope to add peaches and plums to the vegetable and fruit offerings this year. Zoe can’t wait to see everyone as she gets accustomed to farm life. She definitely knows how to play in the dirt with her mama. Stay tuned as we countdown the days until we open.

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