2 weeks until opening day!

Spring time weather in Georgia, you don’t know if you need shorts and t-shirts or sweats and a hot fire. We’re watching the weather closely this time of year for planting, garden tilling and when to set out the citrus trees. Due to the rain, huge swings in weekly temperatures, and the lack of any extended dry spells there has been a delay of game on getting our non-GMO goodness planted. This week 145 strawberry plants arrived and are currently soaking while they produce leaves for planting in the new berry patch. Also 2 sweet cherry trees arrived which were planted for a harvest in the coming years. The trees irrigation was tested and Zoe made sure everything was working properly. Painting of the road windmill and base were completed with a fresh coat to grab some roadside attention. Additionally more visible vegetable road signs are arriving soon for the 2023 season. Also in our annual freshening, the porch on Goods was re-stained.
Goods will get more new and exciting offering items on Saturday. Photos will be shared on the website along with the daily evening updates that will start again soon. We hope you are as excited as we are to start season # 5 at Holly Hill FG. Keep an eye on the blog / post for an announcement regarding opening week-end 2023. See you in 2 weeks!

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