Cold, and windy not a problem….

What happens on a windy, blistery cold, sunny Sunday….. well if you own a produce farm you play in the dirt and make new gardens of course. The new melon garden and new strawberry patch are ready for landscape fabric and plants. It took 1 tractor with a plow, a skid steer with a rock rake to remove the boulders, and we do mean boulders, and a Zoe dog to oversee the whole operation. Yes folks, this girl does get to drive the tractor on occasion. 😊 Landscape fabric is down on a few gardens with the remaining gardens to be covered this upcoming week.
Speaking of this upcoming week….. have you heard we open in 5 days!! What happened to our “time off”? Here we are getting ready to open the doors and start this farming thing again. Was a busy day today, it managed to wear Zoe, and 2 farmers out. It’s time for an adult beverage and some dinner. See you very soon!

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