Where is the produce?

We get asked “when do you expect produce” almost daily. We are also asked why the farmer’s markets that are already open in the area have produce. The simple answer is that our crops are at the mercy of Mother Nature. The staples everyone has come to love here at Holly Hill are summer crops, and grow best in the consistently warmer weather. So far we have actually had a spring here in north Georgia which has given us unseasonably colder day and night time temperatures. Yes folks we are actually having a spring this year which has confused the plants with the temperature fluctuations and in turn the non-GMO freshness is delayed. Fear not as produce will arrive, but we need to get past the cool nights. At least we don’t have 2 feet of snow that the upper mid-west is currently experiencing! Cooler weather crops, micro-greens, lettuce, herbs, green onions, a few cucumbers, local honey, eggs, elderberry, coffee, cookies, flowers, and canned items are available in the Farm stand for Monday. Continue to watch our postings for updates on when the summer produce will be available. Thanks for your patience. Happy Sunday PM! HHFG

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