Makes your mouth water!

It’s almost that time again…. tomato season! These beauties have grown quickly with the warmer weather. After our planting and math, we have 180 tomato plants in the tunnels to produce these juicy, mouth watering fruits we love so much. Four varieties this year: Cherokee Purple slicers, regular red slicers, cherry tomatoes and paste/canning tomatoes. All are green and looking delicious…. now we wait for the redness.
The Farm stand was busy today, but we are stocked and ready for the Tuesday shoppers. For those looking for gluten free banana bread it is back in stock with the regular banana bread, along with Alma coffee, honey, eggs, and elderberry items. Produce Tuesday includes cucumbers, zucchini, lemon cucumber, herbs, micro-greens, lettuce and spinach. You will notice we have expanded to the front yard. These plots will be for flowers, so as always, thank you for growing with us and we will see you at the stand!

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