Tomatoes are warming up!

With the warmer weather being more consistent the cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and herbs are more readily available in Farm tomorrow. The tomatoes have formed on the plants and still holding onto their greenness, but we should be seeing some redness very soon. πŸ… For the folks interested in the broccoli micro-greens they are in the Farm fridge tomorrow along with our other micro-green offerings. Rounding out tomorrows offerings are local honey, elderberry, coffee, a few loaves of gluten-free banana bread, and some cookies.
Other anticipated arrivals are cherry tomatoes and blueberries. Keep an eye on the evening updates for availability.
We want to congratulate Ruthanne Hayes for winning the Goods raffle. Please check your email. We thank you for shopping with us here at Holly Hill! The next Goods raffle will be announced later this week. We hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday evening!

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