What have we here…..

Produce season is underway and we have our first container of cherry tomatoes in the stand for tomorrow. The question is will there be a mad rush to see who gets here first to purchase them! If you miss out on the tomatoes tomorrow, there will be more on the way as they are changing from green to red. Meanwhile, please enjoy our other non-GMO produce options and local goods that are available.
We made some squash and zucchini for dinner the other night and boy did we miss fresh veggies straight from the garden this winter. Have you gotten your taste of summer freshness yet? Swing into the self service Farm stand and grab dinner items this week. Pickles are even ready for the holiday weekend.
The next Holly Hill raffle is underway starting tomorrow and the photo below shows off the raffle item. Stop by Goods and fill out a new entry slip while you browse. You must register for each raffle as we shred the entries after each drawing. We don’t like our information kept, so we do not keep yours. The farm is open from 9am to 6pm Thursday and Friday. Lastly, we want to wish all the graduates a congratulations on your achievement as you finish up this school year!

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