Adult game of I spy with black lights

The farm was busy today and we sold out of many items throughout the day, but fear not, as we have restocked and fresh non-GMO produce is available tomorrow.
A few customers were surprised today when asking questions about the farm. Yes, Lisa is the person who handles the farm while Jason works his full time gig. We both come together at in the afternoon to write the Daily Farm News, talk about the days events, and what needs to be tended to for the evening, week, etc. One after dark activity includes searching out those dreaded tomato worms. Get out your black light folks because these babies glow and yes we have ‘fun’ walking through the 180 tomato plants ridding them from the tunnels. Many of you are shaking your heads right now and laughing…. well when you have a necessary task to accomplish you make it as entertaining as possible. Kind of like an adult version of I spy.
Ok enough commentary, back to farm business. Both stores will be open tomorrow until 6pm with just a few days remaining to get your name in for this month’s raffle. Have a splendid evening and we will see you tomorrow at the farm.

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