What a weekend!

Y’all cleaned us out this weekend, and we got word from some customers that their dinners were delicious! Fear not though, the gardens giveth even more non-GMO freshness for this week, just a side note it took Lisa 3.5 hours to pick everything today. There are a few more bags of pickling cucumbers for those who wish to make their own pickles. Also available is one 6 lb bag of white half runner beans for canning. The photo below shows almost everything harvested that will be available Monday in the Farm stand. There was so much we could not fit it all in the picture.
We have had many questions about the lemon cucumbers. These are the round yellow balls next to the regular cucumbers. They can be used like a regular cucumber in salads, and other dishes. We have been told by folks who have difficulty eating regular green cucumbers that because the skin on the lemon cukes is thinner they can eat them without any reflux or heartburn. Now we don’t have this problem so we have to take the word of our customers on this issue. Give one a try and see what your thoughts are.
The cherry tomatoes exploded in the last few days so the cherry tomatoes are now on sale for $2.50 a container. We just ask that you bring your own container or bag to take them home in so we can reuse our containers and keep the cost as low as possible.
In other farm news, while Lisa took care of the business Jason and the dads almost finished the fencing in the back of the property that was rotting. Thankfully Zoe and Cecil are well trained and they did not wander off. Guess they both love their new farm home, food, toys and being spoiled rotten by mama. 🐕 😊 That’s it for this evening y’all, have a splendid night and we will see you at the Farm stand tomorrow.

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