Max capacity for Friday!

Hot and humid were the words of the day. Lisa rose early to pick all the fresh goodness from the gardens as it was 85 degrees with 76% humidity before 10am today. The stand is at max capacity for Friday with our fresh, homegrown produce. The photo below shows availability. All of the acorn, butternut and spaghetti squash are harvested and now in the stand for summer. Grab yours before they are gone. We may plant more acorn and butternut squash for fall offerings depending on demand.
If you haven’t seen the upcoming fall produce offerings list, check the website or make sure to visit the Farm stand and look on the counter. Seeds for fall crops will be started next week for more tasty produce until we close the farm at Christmas.
Goods will be open all day Friday with just 2 days left to sign up for the monthly raffle. Spring and summer items are currently available, but fall will be coming in mid to late August. Swing in if you see any items that you like.
Have a splendid evening and we will see you at the farm tomorrow!

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