It’s 100 degrees…. 🥵

Good heavens is it hot, and the plants feel it too. We are keeping them alive with copious amounts of water to cool their roots and keep them hydrated. Wednesday offerings include okra, the last 3 melons, peppers, eggplant, berries, micro-greens, ready to eat cantaloupe, and squash varieties. We don’t know when the tomatoes will be back in the stand, we have to wait for cooler temperatures. Yes, the offerings are getting slim but we are harvesting what is available.
In other news, Goods is ready for fall y’all. Stop in this week and browse the start of the new fall decor. Everything from table decor, outdoor decor, bread basket cloths, to new furniture pieces. Maybe with autumn decor in the store now the weather will cooperate and it will feel like fall….. here’s hoping. 🪶 Have a splendid evening, stay cool and we will see you tomorrow at the farm!

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