More new offerings!

‘Come grow with us’ is what we have said from the beginning when our ‘stand’ was built off a pallet on the side of the road. A big thanks to those who have continued to shop with us throughout the years despite our very humble beginning! You helped us grow via your marketing of us amongst your friends and family. Holly Hill continues to grow and strives to provide everyone a convenient outlet to buy healthy, local non-GMO produce along with supporting our fellow Georgia Grown members and their offerings. New elderberry gift baskets have been added in the Farm stand. Also we now have do-it-yourself elderberry syrup kits where you can customize it to your specific liking. Honey is one of the best natural sweeteners so grab a jar of the local Cherokee County honey to compliment the DIY elderberry kit. Would you like us to carry dried elderberries for use in baking and cooking? If so message, comment, or email us as we can provide those if enough are interested.
Pasture raised eggs, local raw honey, coffee, canned items, cookies and non-GMO produce to include okra, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, figs, raspberries, butternut squash, zucchini, and micro-greens are all available for Monday. Have a fantastic evening and we hope you have a wonderful week!

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