This morning arrived with cloudy skies and rain. The initial thoughts were that of potential defeat and that this could be the end of Holly Hill. After a short while I decided that yes one door may have closed but another is open somewhere. Many hours of internet research and phone calls occurred today in search of that open door. While the dust hasn’t fully settled, the new door was located and we will be open tomorrow and Saturday.
Firstly we want to give everyone a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the comments, likes, loves, cares, text messages, and phone calls that you shared with us. The amount of support received gave us a feeling of warmth despite the situation that we were presented with yesterday afternoon.
For five years we have provided our community with fresh produce and offerings that are now seldom found in Cherokee County. As we endure and overcome our plan remains unchanged in continuing to grow and offer the freshness everyone has come to love. Each year we have reinvested monies earned at Holly Hill and put those back into our operations. We thank the community for continuing to support and grow with us.
Many wanted to know details regarding what was expected of us by the county. In summary they wanted us to comply with full commercial operations including driveways, parking, restrooms, buildings, sewage, and more.
Unfortunately the ‘Goods’ side of the business will be disbanded. Our plan is to have a yard sale on Saturday. All new Christmas items just arrived last week so there will be plenty of unique items to choose from to decorate your homes.
It has been a struggle to keep this evening farm news as short as I have. So winding down we again thank everyone for taking your time to reach out to us and make us feel appreciated! We’re open tomorrow and Saturday. Saturday is the yard sale! Please share to everyone you know. Stay tuned for more updates. Tomorrow’s freshness is shown below. See ya’ soon! Jason

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