Back to school is next Monday

School days are a short week away here in Cherokee County. Last minute vacations and new school year preparations are under way for many.
The Farm stand is stocked after a hot daily picking.
The final weeks of the summer sale in Goods will last until the end of August. If you see something you like, scoop it up before its gone. The workings for the last summer raffle are being laid out, so stay tuned. As a reminder, after each drawing your entries are shredded to preserve your privacy, and each raffle requires a new entry.
Keeping it short for today. We wish all a superb evening. See you at the farm.

Hello okra

The heat of the hot GA summer causes certain vegetables to yield fruit in abundance, and others such as the large slicing tomatoes are taking longer to ripen. Okra is a lover of the heat and more is available Monday in the Farm stand. A variety of peppers, peaches & cream corn (bicolor), watermelon, eggplant, and beans are packed out with ready to eat watermelon, and raspberries available in the Farm fridge. Tomato yield for smaller cherry, small slicing, and yellow candy tomatoes has kicked into overdrive, The tunnel house fans are whirring 24/7 to try and keep everything cooler. New cucumbers were planted but are still young, so there is a limited supply of them at the moment. The silver queen corn is almost ready, just waiting on mother nature to ripen them up, and will be in the stand soon.
The Goods artwork raffle drawing was done last night. Congratulations to Sandy Bost, we have sent you an email. Thanks for shopping with us! Stay tuned for our next raffle.
We hope everyone has a great remainder of Sunday, and a fabulous week. See ya’ at the stand! HHFG

Feelin’ hot, hot, hot Friday

Summer while officially here for a month, has now arrived in the daily temps. The breeze was little, humidity was high, and it made for a hot day tending to the gardens. Some shade, tunnel house fans, and cold water made it more bearable. The gardens have had the daily picking, and the stand is packed out for Saturday. The ready to eat cantaloupe are almost gone, and tomorrow will be the last day they are available for the 2021 season. Eggplant is currently on sale. Since summer has now arrived the okra is producing more. We also stocked some green tomatoes for those who enjoy that southern staple of fried green tomatoes.
Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the artwork raffle. Swing into Goods, browse, shop, and register prior to tomorrow evening’s drawing. Everything in Goods is on sale, including the already marked down items. The close of summer offerings is coming closer to an end before turning into fall d├ęcor offerings.
For closure to the daily post, thanks to mom and daughter for taking the time to help do some trouble shooting on the PayPal QR code for payments. We have noticed that occasionally Apple smart phones tend to have a problem. New QR codes have been printed, and now also includes a website below the QR code that can be entered into your web browser if the QR code will not work for payments.
Happy close of Friday, and hoping everyone enjoys their freshness purchased at the stand today! J&L

Throwback Thursday

Today was a reminiscing type of day. Three years ago we had a produce stand made of a pallet and wood fencing slats, and Goods was not even thought about. We have grown by leaps and bounds in a short time while learning what not to do along the way. The growth was made possible by you, spreading the word to your friends, family, and co-workers about us. We now have an air conditioned self service farm stand, Goods gift shop with unique items, high tunnels to extend the growing season, and most of all more knowledge to continue offering the straight from the Farm, fresh and tasty produce. Thanks to everyone helping shape Holly Hill into what it is today.
The Farm stand is stocked up and ready for the start of the weekend. Friday offerings can be seen in the photo below. The summer sale in Goods is off to a great start, check out the remainder of our summer collection when you stop in. Only 2 days remain to enter the artwork raffle which will be drawn this Saturday.
Even though the kiddos are getting back into school mode after next week, and vacations are finishing for the summer, we are still open and available for your fresh produce needs as well as hand crafted items. Have a great evening and a fantastic Friday!

Is that the sun we see?

The missing orange ball in the sky has finally appeared and it is a steamy GA summer once again. We are not complaining though as the gardens can dry out and so can our feet. Good news, yellow watermelon are available in the stand for tomorrow, along with more sugar baby and crimson sweets. Tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, eggplant, squash, zucchini, peppers, beans, and corn are also ready for tomorrow. Some corn is not perfect as we were not able to spray due to the wet weather to prevent insect damage. This corn is still good to eat and we are offering them at a discounted price. There is a new bargain bin under the shelves for the corn.
Just 3 more days to get your name in for the artwork raffle. Some folks stopped in today to register, and also take advantage of the end of summer sale. The sale will last through August, and then we will transition to fall offerings. If there is an item(s) you have your eye on, scoop it up soon for a great deal.
We hope you have a fantastic evening, we are off to project!

Rain, rain go away

Normally we do not have an issue with rain, but lately we have had enough of the mud, waterlogged gardens, and wet feet. The gardens are more difficult to pick when wet, but thankfully they are done and ready for tomorrow. More squash, peppers, watermelon, okra, beans, tomatoes, raspberries, and cucumbers have made their way into the farm stand for tomorrow. The last of the cantaloupe is in the farm fridge and it is leaving very quickly. If you need that final cantaloupe fix stop by soon.
Some of our customers did brave the rain, and gave Lisa a break shopping at the Goods store today. This is the last week to get your name in for the artwork raffle. The drawing is on Saturday, and you do not need to be present to win.
We are looking forward to hopefully less liquid sunshine. Hoping to see you tomorrow at the farm! HHFG

Summer sale begins!

Hot, humid, and rain are the words for the start of this week. The okra and green beans love it as you can tell from the farm stand photo. We do have watermelon, corn, ready to eat cantaloupe in the farm fridge, and of course our great tasting tomatoes along with all the other fixins’ for your meals.
Goods is back open starting tomorrow with our summer sale. If there is something from our spring/summer collection that you have your eye on, now is the time to swing on in and get that great deal. While you are here, remember to sign up for our artwork raffle that will be drawn this upcoming Saturday. Also, if Lisa is not in the building, please ring the door bell and she will be down as she is busy completing farm tasks between customers.
Finally, as summer is winding down for some, and the kiddos are getting ready to return to school, we are still open for business. As long as the plants continue to produce, the farm stand is open. Goods will remain open through Christmas.

Fresh produce is served!

It has been a busy weekend, the picking is complete, and so are a few other big projects. The stand is stocked after picking in the rain today. We even had a little helper stock the stand with Aunt Lisa. She is learning the produce names and colors to help, and she loves green beans. The remainder of Holly Hill’s cantaloupe is in the farm fridge if you need the last fix of 2021. We hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and we will see you tomorrow at the stand.

Farming variables…

Over the past several weeks, an abundance of new folks have found us. Not to sound like a broken record, but thanks for sharing about us!
This week the produce has been much less predictable due to humidity, rains, and heat. Hence the tomato sale earlier in the week. The Saturday produce offerings will be more limited than in the past weeks. As we only pick when the produce is at it’s peak ripeness, this sometimes does not coincide with the week-end schedule as we would like. We recommend coming early tomorrow for the best availability.
Goods will be open, and Lisa will be in the store if you have any questions. Feel free to stop in to browse, shop, and sign up for the raffle. The artwork raffle drawing will be held next Saturday July 24th.
See you tomorrow at the farm! J&L

The finale of cantaloupe

The cantaloupe season has come to a premature end due to the wetter, and cooler overnight weather we had during the late winter, and early spring months. Swing by to get the last of the delicious cantaloupe, whole melons and ready to eat pre-cut are available. All available cantaloupe will be in the farm stand starting tomorrow with the ready to eat cantaloupe in the Farm fridge. The watermelons on the other hand are just beginning to make their way into the stand. Sugar baby, crimson sweet, and yellow honey watermelon available when they ripen some more. The beans have been restocked again for the start of the week-end. Questions have arisen if we sell bushels of produce for canning, unfortunately we do not at this time.
Goods had multiple visitors this week to browse, shop, and sign up for the raffle. When will the fall items arrive in the store? Our goal is for late August, into early September. If there is something from our spring / summer offerings that has tripped your fancy, we recommend stopping by before the fall transition begins.
The daily picking is complete, the Farm stand is stocked, and Holly Hill is ready for another Friday. Have a great evening! HHFG