A Campfire conversation …

Our first garden on the property before Holly Hill. June 2017

Holly Hill Farm & Goods started off as a simple thought of selling fruits and vegetables once we acquired our property. We have always loved that high quality, fantastic tasting produce from the roadside stands like when we were youngsters. Growing up we both also had a garden plot in our back yards during the summer months to help put food on our families tables, and this taught important core values which have lasted throughout our lives. Shortly after being married in 2007 we started gardening to put food on our own table. After sharing our abundance of produce with family and friends over the years, a conversation was struck around a bonfire in 2017 which ignited the fire to start Holly Hill Farm and Goods.

The Goods portion was introduced into our business as our family has been involved in the arts, crafts, furniture production, and re-purposing for decades. The “Goods” items were also adorning our personal residence, so why not share those unique one of a kind offerings also?

Connecting with and helping our fellow local farmers, artisans, and small businesses was an important idea of our plan from the start. We have continued to constantly grow each year in each of these endeavors, and hope you will continue to grow with us!

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