That’s a wrap!

The 2023 season is officially a wrap. We want to thank everyone for coming out today with a massive support for our local small business.
While we may be closed the work is not finished. Planning and executing are the next steps to make sure our farm can overcome the challenges our county has thrown at us. Holly Hill Farm and Goods version 2.0 will be coming in 2024.
Again we humbly extend the sincerest THANK YOU to all that supported us this year.
Have a blessed holiday season and New Year! Jason & Lisa

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Final day of 2023 season Saturday 11/25

This is it everyone, the final day for sales of Holly Hill’s 2023 season. We apologize for it being over a holiday weekend, however we need to make significant changes to the selling area in order to re-open in 2024. There will be many changes to come in the future and we will post updates to keep you informed. Subscribe to our newsletter on the website or follow us on social media to stay informed.
We are pulling out all the stops since Goods will be no more. All items will be 60% off tagged pricing, and all seasons will be on display tomorrow for the yard sale. Stock up on unique items at a fraction of the price, just in time for the gift giving season. The Farm stand has all of the summer and fall vegetables that we could harvest available for Saturday. Also all of the farm made goods and local GA Grown business items are available for you as well.
As we say goodbye for the season we want to again say we truly appreciate your patronage this year. We have had challenges to face and with your support we will be back in 2024 to bring you the best produce in town. See ya’ tomorrow!


This morning arrived with cloudy skies and rain. The initial thoughts were that of potential defeat and that this could be the end of Holly Hill. After a short while I decided that yes one door may have closed but another is open somewhere. Many hours of internet research and phone calls occurred today in search of that open door. While the dust hasn’t fully settled, the new door was located and we will be open tomorrow and Saturday.
Firstly we want to give everyone a HUGE THANK YOU for all of the comments, likes, loves, cares, text messages, and phone calls that you shared with us. The amount of support received gave us a feeling of warmth despite the situation that we were presented with yesterday afternoon.
For five years we have provided our community with fresh produce and offerings that are now seldom found in Cherokee County. As we endure and overcome our plan remains unchanged in continuing to grow and offer the freshness everyone has come to love. Each year we have reinvested monies earned at Holly Hill and put those back into our operations. We thank the community for continuing to support and grow with us.
Many wanted to know details regarding what was expected of us by the county. In summary they wanted us to comply with full commercial operations including driveways, parking, restrooms, buildings, sewage, and more.
Unfortunately the ‘Goods’ side of the business will be disbanded. Our plan is to have a yard sale on Saturday. All new Christmas items just arrived last week so there will be plenty of unique items to choose from to decorate your homes.
It has been a struggle to keep this evening farm news as short as I have. So winding down we again thank everyone for taking your time to reach out to us and make us feel appreciated! We’re open tomorrow and Saturday. Saturday is the yard sale! Please share to everyone you know. Stay tuned for more updates. Tomorrow’s freshness is shown below. See ya’ soon! Jason

We are closed

Holly Hill Farm and Goods 2023 season is officially a wrap. It is with a heavy heart we have to tell you we are closed. Cherokee county has put mandates upon us which we have been navigating over multiple weeks for solutions. Unfortunately, they have determined that we need to close until we can meet their requirements. We want to say thank you to everyone who shopped and supported with us this year. We truly appreciate all of your support.
Stay tuned as we will post periodic updates as decisions and events unfold. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Jason & Lisa.

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A variety for Monday

As we prepare for a holiday weekend full of delicious food, the Farm stand is ready for action. Monday availability includes red cabbage, white cabbage, collards, turnip greens, arugula, slicing tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell, jalapeno, scorpion, and sweet banana peppers, a small container of turnips, and micro-greens. We also have a few loaves of sourdough bread, bread crumbs, farm fresh eggs, local honey, elderberry, sugar cookies and a D-I-Y cookie decorating box, coffee, tea, canned items, and all the farm made gifts available. We are only open Monday through Wednesday this week so grab your fresh non-GMO produce and farm items before the weekend!

Are you Thanksgiving ready?

Are you the cook for Thanksgiving, maybe company is in town and you need to prepare meals or snacks? Are you traveling and don’t want to show up empty handed to your destination? Well you are in luck, stop by Holly Hill tomorrow for a variety of items to make your celebrations delish!
Produce offerings for Friday include collards, turnip greens, arugula, tomatoes, peppers, micro-greens, red cabbage, a small container of turnips, and swiss chard. Need bread crumbs for stuffing/dressing, we have sourdough breadcrumbs made from the sourdough bread we carry. Jams, jellies, salsa, pickles, applesauce, chow chow, apple pie filling, coffee, farm fresh eggs, tea, honey, and elderberry products available. Need a dessert, stop in for fall decorated sugar cookies from Love Bug Baking Co. If you have kids in town, pick up our D-I-Y cookie decorating box and they can participate in preparation for the feast too. If you are traveling we have the gift baskets available full of various farm goods. Looks like it will be a little chilly for the big feast, pick up some elderberry mulling spice mix. Mix it with cider or wine for a delicious after dinner sipping drink. Lastly, Bleu Summit Bakery should have the fresh bread here by early afternoon tomorrow, and our guess is it will go fast.
Need last minute decor for your Thanksgiving table or maybe just to add a little festive appeal to your home? Stop by Goods for 60% off all things fall. These deals can’t be beat. If you can’t tell we are holiday ready here at Holly Hill. Enjoy your evening and we hope to see you tomorrow!

1 week until Thanksgiving day!

It felt like fall weather again today with spitting rain this AM and then a windy afternoon. As the farm winds down for winter, Lisa has started pulling out the summer plants in preparation of the tunnels and gardens for their winter nap. The time has arrived to start getting everything ready for next season. In just a few weeks we start planning the garden plots, the seed catalogs start arriving and we begin plans for 2024.
The Farm stand is ready for tomorrow with tomatoes, peppers, arugula, red cabbage, swiss chard, micro-greens, and all the farm goodies. Goods will be open with only 3 days remaining in the fall sale.
Also as we wrap up 2023 in the next few weeks, we want to remind you to grab your honey and elderberry to last through the months we are closed this winter.

Wild Wednesday at Holly Hill!

Wow just wow, y’all cleaned us out today. Fear not more produce was picked this evening and we are back to full capacity in the Farm stand for Wednesday. Tomatoes, peppers, micro-greens, turnip greens, arugula, red cabbage, broccoli florets, and swiss chard (not pictured) are the produce offerings for tomorrow. Now available are the Christmas gift baskets full of farm made goods. We realize that some folks will be traveling for Thanksgiving and may want to take Christmas gifts with them. Why not support a small business, and take a local homemade gift basket to a loved one. Mason jar and mug gifts also available along with coffee, tea, elderberry, honey, canned items and custom sugar cookies for Wednesday.
The 60% off fall at the farm sale is winding down in Goods. We are on the last week of the sale. Stop in and grab unique gifts at amazingly low prices. Want to shop for Christmas instead, we have that too. Swing into Goods after you pick up your produce of course. Lisa will be on the farm somewhere and will be happy to assist you.

Totally Tomato Tuesday!

Late season BLT, or a crisp salad with homegrown tomatoes? Stop into Holly Hill for cherry tomatoes, Cherokee purple and red slicing tomatoes and yes we are adding to the mix green tomatoes for those who wish to partake in fried green maters! Along with tomato options, we have the sweetest bell and banana peppers, light you on fire scorpion peppers, and all the around favorite jalapenos. Need something a little cooler on the palate? How about arugula, turnip greens, micro-greens, and broccoli? Maybe you don’t want produce at all, but have a hankering for farm fresh eggs, local honey, elderberry products, or maybe even a little jam or jelly on toast. Got a sweet tooth? What about custom decorated sugar cookies with local coffee or tea options? Wait you need a gift, we have those too! Everything from gift mugs, mason jars to gift baskets with all sorts of goodies in them. Take your pick of deliciousness and stop by to see us Tuesday from 9am to 6pm.