Orchids for Tuesday!

Tomorrow the Farm stand is open with normal business hours from 9am to 6pm. Fresh non-GMO produce has been harvested and is available along with our local farming friend’s fresh goods. Our local flower farmers at Splendor Oaks had a few extra white orchids that are available in the Farm stand. They are absolutely gorgeous and would make an excellent addition to your home or a fantastic housewarming gift. Hoping you have a spectacular remaining Memorial Day and we hope to see you tomorrow. J&L

Memorial Day hours

The Farm stand will be open Memorial Day from 9am to 1pm. Swing on in for fresh non-GMO produce and local goods. We are now restocked with both varieties of elderberry syrup and Love Bug Baking Co. has provided us with custom cookie boxes & patriotic cookie packs. You will find a variety of produce options tomorrow as we begin to see more plants producing. Bell pepper, jalapeno pepper, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, lemon cucumber, sweet & red onions, herbs, micro-greens, yellow squash, zucchini and larger baking zucchini are all available. Local items include honey, elderberry, banana bread, farm fresh eggs, coffee, and canned items.
As this Memorial Day is upon us, take the time to remember all of those who bravely gave their life for this country and sacrificed it all for our freedoms. Thank you from a grateful small business. Enjoy your celebrations the remainder of this weekend and we will see you at the stand on Monday. #memorialday #farmersmarket #America

flag of u s a standing near a tombstone
Some gave all

Cast Iron Skillet Veggies

It’s that time of year where the grills are brought out of hibernation, fresh vegetables are harvested from the garden, and summer parties/outdoor gatherings are in full swing. Do you have company this weekend for the holiday? Or maybe you just want a delicious side dish to compliment your meal. Below is a side dish recipe we use for grilling that keep the kitchen cool because everything cooks on the grill outside. Jason and I spend the majority of our time outdoors anyway, but summer is the best time for grilling, smoking meat and pool parties. The recipe for this evening is an “oldy but goody” and we make it quite a bit during the summer. Best part is you can pick up some of the non-GMO produce at the Farm stand.

Cast iron skillet veggies on the grill – recipe makes enough for 2 people
2 Squash – sliced thick
2 Zucchini – sliced thick
4 White mushrooms – sliced or chunked
1 Sweet Onion – chunked
6-8 Broccoli florets
1 Red bell pepper – sliced
Olive Garden Italian Dressing – enough to coat and cover vegetables
Place all cut vegetables in a gallon Ziploc bag with Italian dressing. We use Olive Garden Italian because it has a thicker consistency. Toss to coat and ensure all veggies are covered in dressing. Marinate for 4-24 hours. Get out your cast iron skillet and empty the entire bag contents into it including dressing. Place skillet on grill or stove and cook until veggies are have a slight crunch but are still tender. Cooking times vary depending on grill temperature, size of skillet and amount of vegetables used.

On your marks…..

Get set, and go!! Friday is the last day of the week before the unofficial start of summer begins with Memorial Day week-end. Ceremonies with graduates getting diplomas is occurring, some folks are going out of town for a long weekend away, and gatherings with friends and family will be abundant.
Hours for Memorial Day Monday are a changed due to the holiday with Farm stand being open from 9am until 1pm.
As for the farm news, the tomatoes are as green as green can be, but still not quite ready for an appearance since we’ve had another cooler week. Cucumber, zucchini, squash, herbs, and micro-greens are the produce options for tomorrow along with all the other local offerings.
Goods will be open tomorrow and Saturday with spring and summer items for your homes or as gifts. Stop in, browse, sign up for the raffle, and come say howdy! If you don’t see Lisa ring the doorbell on Goods, and she will come on down! Until tomorrow have a wonderful evening! J&L

What have we here…..

Produce season is underway and we have our first container of cherry tomatoes in the stand for tomorrow. The question is will there be a mad rush to see who gets here first to purchase them! If you miss out on the tomatoes tomorrow, there will be more on the way as they are changing from green to red. Meanwhile, please enjoy our other non-GMO produce options and local goods that are available.
We made some squash and zucchini for dinner the other night and boy did we miss fresh veggies straight from the garden this winter. Have you gotten your taste of summer freshness yet? Swing into the self service Farm stand and grab dinner items this week. Pickles are even ready for the holiday weekend.
The next Holly Hill raffle is underway starting tomorrow and the photo below shows off the raffle item. Stop by Goods and fill out a new entry slip while you browse. You must register for each raffle as we shred the entries after each drawing. We don’t like our information kept, so we do not keep yours. The farm is open from 9am to 6pm Thursday and Friday. Lastly, we want to wish all the graduates a congratulations on your achievement as you finish up this school year!

And then there were pickles

Salty dill and bread & butter pickles are now available in the Farm stand for Wednesday. Festive Memorial Day decorated cookies also arrived today. Cucumbers, zucchini, squash, herbs, lettuce mix , spinach, broccoli, and micro-greens round out the current produce offerings for tomorrow.
Goods will be open tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm after the Bridgemill Farmers market. Stop in for great produce options, and unique home decor. Hoping you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Broccoli anyone?

Got a surprise today while harvesting vegetables for tomorrow. We have 3 broccoli heads available along with cucumber, zucchini, squash, spinach, lettuce mix, and micro-greens. We now have 3 varieties of local raw honey available too. You can find wildflower, sourwood, and a mix of clover & wildflower honey all in the stand for Tuesday. Don’t miss out on these great tasting non-GMO homegrown produce options. Wow, that’s a mouthful.
Watch the postings pickle lovers because they are coming to the stand very soon, along with summer squash salsa and more jams. Lisa is getting the canning bug and it is that time of year again. See y’all soon.

Tomatoes are warming up!

With the warmer weather being more consistent the cucumbers, lemon cucumbers, zucchini, squash, and herbs are more readily available in Farm tomorrow. The tomatoes have formed on the plants and still holding onto their greenness, but we should be seeing some redness very soon. 🍅 For the folks interested in the broccoli micro-greens they are in the Farm fridge tomorrow along with our other micro-green offerings. Rounding out tomorrows offerings are local honey, elderberry, coffee, a few loaves of gluten-free banana bread, and some cookies.
Other anticipated arrivals are cherry tomatoes and blueberries. Keep an eye on the evening updates for availability.
We want to congratulate Ruthanne Hayes for winning the Goods raffle. Please check your email. We thank you for shopping with us here at Holly Hill! The next Goods raffle will be announced later this week. We hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday evening!

Always something going on at Holly Hill!

Six years ago we envisioned doing something with our front yard that reminded us of the gardens at the Biltmore Estate. Well that idea has begun to become a reality, just don’t expect us to be at their level since they have over a hundred years of expertise and perfecting (along with a much larger staff!). As the weeks click by there will be beautiful flowers arising with multiple varieties to gaze upon and give the bees another option to use in their honey production. A special thanks to Splendor Oaks for the partnership in making this happen.
Swing into Holly Hill for fresh grown here non-GMO produce, other local wholesome supplies, and handcrafted goods Saturday from 9am to 4pm. The four legged kids Zoe and Cecil will likely come visit at the fence line to greet you. Additionally tomorrow is the final day for raffle entries with the drawing at close of business and announced on the Sunday PM post. Have a splendid Friday evening.