Family zucchini bread recipe

As promised earlier this week we bring to you our family’s zucchini bread recipe that has been passed down for generations. You can purchase your baking zucchini, and eggs here at the Farm stand. We are restocked for Saturday and continuing the sale on squash, zucchini and cucumber. For those who love pickles, the picklingContinue reading “Family zucchini bread recipe”

A produce sale is on already!!

It’s truly amazing what a difference having some warm temperatures and bees on the property has made in the garden pollination department. We were waiting to get the produce in a few weeks ago, and now it has taken off in abundance! This Friday & Saturday squash, zucchini, and cucumbers are on sale 3 forContinue reading “A produce sale is on already!!”

New tasty items for Tuesday!

Tuesday arrives with new canned items to the Farm stand. Welcome yummy summer squash salsa, mixed berry jam, and more strawberry jam. Garlic dill pickles will be coming soon as they are currently acquiring that delicious garlic flavor. Coffee was restocked today along with more non- GMO produce from the gardens. The website is nearingContinue reading “New tasty items for Tuesday!”

Update on the signage situation….

Wow, you, our customers are awesome! The outpouring of support from everyone has been tremendous after our posting yesterday about the county inspector visit. After much research last night and an in person visit with the county today, everything is business as usual at Holly Hill other than the signage changes. The colorful happy signContinue reading “Update on the signage situation….”

And then there were pickles

Salty dill and bread & butter pickles are now available in the Farm stand for Wednesday. Festive Memorial Day decorated cookies also arrived today. Cucumbers, zucchini, squash, herbs, lettuce mix , spinach, broccoli, and micro-greens round out the current produce offerings for tomorrow. Goods will be open tomorrow from 2pm to 6pm after the BridgemillContinue reading “And then there were pickles”