An 80 degree Wednesday already?

Hi everyone, we hope your Tuesday was terrific. Both Farm and Goods are open tomorrow for spring items, gifts, jams, jellies, herbs, and that amazing Alma coffee. If you haven’t tried Alma Coffee, you are missing out on a fantastic cup o’ joe. Lisa sips on it while watching the veggies grow in the tunnels waiting for the day they are ready to sell. The impatient farmer is struggling as she does each year ready to start picking those scrumptious veggies we all love.
Goods is stocked with new items that arrived today, including some very pretty Easter/spring wreaths, arrangements as well as small lamps.
If you haven’t stopped by yet, the look of the farm is changing. New signs, flags, flowers, windmills, and an antique hay bailer spruce up the business area for now. The farm growing area with the tunnels and gardens are more visible this year. The fresh non-GMO produce will be arriving within a couple weeks! Have a great evening and we hope to see you soon at the HHFG!

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