Captain’s log star-date 12/12/2022

Just for a change up of the usual posting, here’s an update on the extra-planetary offerings here at HHFG. All of our produce is grown here locally and not from a replicator on the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. Farm is stocked with fresh beets, turnips, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, turnip greens, honey, coffee, elderberry syrup, and potted plants. Gift baskets are still available packed with our favorite 2022 offerings of salsa, pickles, jams and jellies for gifting or self-indulgence. Hoping you stayed dry this week-end, and in closure “Genius Doesn’t Work On An Assembly Line Basis”. Thanks to everyone of our customers, repeat, new, and future, as we close out the end of the season with only 2 more weeks open. J&L

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