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After having Zoe for 5 months we decided that she needed a farm companion. We are pleased to announce the newest member of Holly Hill Farm and Goods, Cecil Greene. He is a 10 month old black mouth cur, 1 month older than Zoe, and they can be difficult to tell who’s who sometimes since they look so similar. He is in need of training and much learning, but Zoe is taking the lead and helping show him the ropes of the farm. You will most likely see both of them at the fence when you arrive as they are the Holly Hill Security Squad.
In other news, the Farm stand is open tomorrow with canned goods, Alma coffee, elderberry items, sugar cookies, local honey, and potted plants. We will have fresh produce in the stand as soon as possible. Please bear with us as we are just as excited as you to have fresh homegrown goodness. Have a dog-gone good evening!

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