A mid week mini ‘date’

A mid week mini ‘date’ happened today. We got to spend some time together doing something ‘fun’ instead of the usual farm chores. Today was the day after months of waiting for us both to take the class and test for our egg candling licenses, which we did obtain. For those unfamiliar with candling it was our first step in our journey to eventually sell local eggs. We learned more about chickens and eggs than we thought possible. Keeping it simple we can identify what grade of egg, sizing, good or bad, and numerous other factors. We will never look at that scrambled egg the same way again!
There are hints of red in the tomato house and we are patiently waiting as we know ya’ll are. Keep a watchful eye on the postings for when they are available. The stand is ready for Thursday with all the freshness the gardens could muster.
Good news fall décor lovers, Goods is back open starting tomorrow. The first official day of fall is creeping up on us faster than expected being just over a month away now. Unique, handcrafted fall decorations for your home, business or gift ideas await you at the Goods store. Stop in and browse our selection. Lisa will be happy to assist you.
Hope your Wednesday was wonderful. Closing the day as the new candlers at Holly Hill.

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